Manic★Tunes 2006.08.17放送分

every Thursday PM19:00~ 76.5MHz FM OZE
She’s A Bomb / High Jumping Jack

—Guest DJ Takeshi—–>→→Official Web
収録前日に初ランデブーしたマイミク、DJ Takeshiによる選曲。
Good Night Good Night / Hot Hot Heat
Time Has Come / Kuh
Calm Americans / Elliote
I Wanna Be Like You / Minus The Bear
End Of Emaciation / Death Count
Regret / New Order

—XXXXL(BAIZER & 悪ガキMC)——-→→Official Web
Wine Like These / General B
Blaze Up Fa / Arozea
Got It Going On / Sizzla
Living Up / 〃   
Find And Kill / Cobra
Home Grown / Irie Irie Music
When You Seile / Lukei D
Your Smile / T.O.K.

Best Reason To Buy The Sun / The Benevent/Russo Duo



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