Manic★Tunes 2006.09.21放送分

every Thursday PM19:00~ 76.5MHz FM OZE
Baby I Love You / くるり

—DJ Tottiのチョット!チョットチョット!!(Totti)—
Twist & Shout / Captain Funk
Tequila-Mint Royale Chaser / TerrorvisionThe Young Punx
Louie Louie / The Three Amigos
These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ / Velvet 99
Soul Bossa Nova / 12Inch Masters

—XXXXL(BAIZER & 悪ガキMC)——-→→Official Web
I Believe / T.O.K
Mama Don’t Cry / Gyption
Is Therea Place / 〃   
I Believe / Wayne Wander
Never Gonna Be The Same / Sean Poul
Spiritual War / Bongo Her Man
The Harder They Come / Jimmy Cliff
Statue Of A Fool / Chrisu

PL Network / Nhhmbase



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