Manic★Tunes 2007.05.19放送分

every Saturday PM22:00~ 76.5MHz FM OZE
A.P.F.のおくるDJイベント=Manic★Groove vol.2@天空の森キャンプ場に出演するDJs
—DJ Totti—–
Doo Papa / The Lowbrows

—DJ Hige—–
Lord Of The Rings / GMS

—DJ Miyata—–
Move Mountains / Jesus Jones
Tommy Gun / Candy Dulfer

—DJ Pandaman(音源のみ)—–
VUOY / 想い出波止場

—XXXXL(BAIZER & SUIZOU)——-→→Official Web
Bus Mi Appeal / Derrick Parker
Freedom / Junior X
Informer / Anthony B
Westnoreland Sensi / Burro Bantan
My Time / Barrigton Levy
Tanya Stephens / These Streets
On My Mind / Da’Ville
Love Will Make It / Luciano
No Plan / Sizzla
One Love / Bob Maley

(oh)god / The Most Serene Republic



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