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Love You / Hour Musik

—DJ Tottiのチョット!チョットチョット!!(Totti)—
本blogのDJ Totti RECOMMENDにエントリーされてるアーティストから。
恋はビョーン / AMTM
Part Of Your World / Q;indivi
A Whole New World / Cubismo Grafico
Maple Soap / Caede

—XXXXL(BAIZER & SUIZOU)——-→→Official Web
Dances Are Changing / Barringion Levy
Always Around / Luciano
Pretty Land / So Jah
Guilty Feelings / Luciano
Inna Set Up / Andrew Paul
One Wish / Danny English
Is It Really True / Bruce Barron
Don’t Let Go / Tolga
Some Where Out There / Sizzla
Fire Fi Bun Dem Up / Anthony B
Give Me That Love / Teflow
Johnny Be Good / Andrew Tosh
High Grade / Anthony B
No Close Mark / Tony Rebel
We Nuh Fear / Turbulence

My Lucky Star / YUKA



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