FM Radio Sampler vol.13
Manic★Tunes Radio Select 2008.10-12

         76.5MHz FM OZE
Radio Comp 13

+++ FM Radio Sampler vol.13 +++
01.Something To Wright Home / I Am Robot And Proud
02.Consilium_industri / domotic
03.Ran9 / Stabilo
04.Somewhere Out There / Country Sings
05.Tripping Me Up / Brittle Stars
06.Kiss Me / Lumiere Meets Karin Maria Anderson
07.There’s Never Enough Time / Postal Service
08.Aperture / Inner Science
09.Some Are White Light / Caspian
10.The World Is Our _____ / This Will Destroy You
11.Colophon #2 / Speaker Gain Teardrop
12.After It / No.9
13.SLD / Kazumasa Hashimoto
14.Star Guiter / The Chemical Brothers
宅録自主制作ラジオ番組【Manic★Tunes】。毎週土曜、夜10:00から76.5MHz*FM OZEにて放送中。
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