Manic★Tunes 2007.02.11放送分

every Sunday PM22:00~ 76.5MHz FM OZE
Flicker / Supercar
—DJ Tottiのチョット!チョットチョット!!(Totti)—
Phenomenon / Pyroclastic
Don’t Stop / I-dep
Sugarless Girl / Cupsule
Meu Sonho(Star Guiter Remix) / Kaleidoscopio
Come Baby(this is the Halfby Remix) / Q;indivi

—XXXXL(BAIZER & SUIZOU)——-→→Official Web
Music My Road / Bes
アミシャツ魂 / Rankin Taxi
Hey Girl / Damian Marley
Step Out / Busy Sygnal
No Time Fifaste / RYO The Skywalker
Are You Ready / Minmi
Yurenagara / Ken-U
So Sick / Chris Martin and T.O.K.
I Bileave / Maxi Prest

Lost In You / Tiger Baby



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