Manic★Tunes 2008.09.13放送分

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Teck Romance / Her Space Holiday

—DJ Tottiのチョット!チョットチョット!!(Totti)—
Know How(Aaron La Crate Mix) / Young MC
Ice Cream(Herve remix) / New Young Pony Club
Beeper(Fake Blood Remix) / The Count and Sinden
Mad Again(Fake Blood Remix) / South Rakkas Crew
Cheap Thrills(The Count Remix) / Herve
rio(Crookers Bang Remix) / Bumblebee2
Rock The / Bombo

以上、10.18 ROME NIGHT@0278CAFEのMixCDの前半
Music Alone / Ginjah
Yesterday / Da’Ville
Love & Affection / Pressure
Speak Love / Alaine
Back Bitter / Taurus Riley
Piear My Cry / Pressure
Far Away / Taurus Riley
Out Standing / Morgan Heritage
Wini Yeah / Chris Martin & T.O.K.

What A Wonderful World / The Innocence Mission
Moon River / 〃

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